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Plants, shrubs and flowers can transform your yard from dull to a colorful ensemble of beauty! Evergreen azaleas, a perennial shrub native to Central Mexico and southern Arizona, azalea blooms at the height of summer and bears fruit in late August or early September. Azaleas are not only beautiful to behold in their colorful purple blossoms, they are good for the yard as well with their hardy ability to withstand dry spells.

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Many landscape planting ideas concentrate on shrubs, but azaleas are close neighbors and great plants to include in any landscape design. Shrub borders can bring color and beauty to even a plain landscape border. Azalea bushes and shrubs come in many colors, from pale lilac to deep purple and pink. Some are evergreen, some are perennials, while others only live for one growing season. Some have glossy leaves, some have blooming bulbs, while others only bear fruit once a year. Azaleas are in the songbird family and therefore thrive in mostly sunny areas.

Azaleas are an excellent choice for landscaping around a pool or pond, because their tiny size makes them an accent versus an over-bearing design. They are a wonderful choice for those who enjoy planting flowers and taking care of lawns, because they are hardy, and will require less upkeep. One other advantage to planting azalea bushes and shrubs around your pool is that they do not attract insects like most other plants do. As long as you water them carefully and do not plant under low growing trees, you will find that they will sustain extremely well.

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The kind of landscape planting you choose depends on what kinds of flowers and shrubs you are interested in for your New Jersey backyard or front yard. In a small yard, shrubs, such as azalea and crabapples, can be planted to the back, flanking the entrance to your lawn. Bushes make a beautiful border along a walkway or curb and can be planted right up to the edge of your lawn. Maples are a great landscape planting for most any size lawn, because of their height, their foliage, and the way they grow. Picking the right kind of shrub or tree for your area can help you determine what kinds of planting would suit you best. Evergreen azaleas, or short-stemmed azaleas, are best for creating privacy in the garden. Shorter-stemmed azaleas, such as morning glories, are also good privacy screens, making them a great choice in gardens.

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Azaleas are a great low maintenance plant, which is great if you have limited time for the yard. They don’t like to be planted in bare soil, but in rich soil, they bloom beautifully. You don’t have to dig very deep to give them shelter, although some types of azalea prefer deeper soil. Azaleas love well drained soil, and you should check with local nurseries or gardening stores for their recommended soil types, to improve your landscape planting services. Many landscaping companies will also provide plantings tips, depending on the kind of shrubs you’re looking to plant.

Other common plants used in landscape planting services are heucheras and coral bells. Heuchera trees are the most common used for landscape planting, and heucheras in particular bring out the Mediterranean flair in the home. They come in many different colors, including white, red, yellow, purple, blue, and green, making them great additions to the lawn or patio. Coral bells, on the other hand, are both attractive and easy to grow, and they’re great for anyone who wants to add a bit of color to their yard.

Landscape Planting is an important part of landscape design, as it creates the overall look and feel of the home. It should be a service that the whole family can enjoy, as it requires a fair amount of time and skill for the perfect balance and flow. Many homeowners don’t want to spend days in the garden, so hiring a company that provides landscape planting services is a good idea for the busy home owner or business owner.