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Wood Fence vs Vinyl fencing: When deciding between wood fence and vinyl fencing, it is important to consider the benefits of each material. Wood Fences offers many benefits over vinyl, some of which are covered below. Wood Fencing in particular offers several options for complementing your hardscaping and landscaping on your property. The main benefits of wood fencing is it’s natural quality and aesthetics; it adds curb appeal to any landscape, while costing less than many other materials.

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Wood Fence Options There are three main types of wood fences, each with its own set of benefits. The most budget-friendly option is the stock wood fence. These fences can be purchased unfinished and left to weather naturally. In time the wood will settle and shape somewhat, becoming more attractive and appropriate for your property. This option is limited in function because it cannot be customized in height. It does have the advantage of being cheaper than vinyl fences, however.

Another pro to privacy fencing is that if left “as-is”, it is easy to repair minor dents and dings. Even minor dents and dings are fairly easy to fix, depending on how large the dent is. Most homeowners will not notice a dent in a wood fence, as the focus is on the beauty of the fence. However, some people may notice if there is a significant dent or damage.

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If money is no object and you want a fence, but you are concerned about aesthetics, there are many choices in vinyl fence options. Vinyl Wood Fences: While vinyl wood fences are much less expensive than wood, they still come in several different styles and varieties, each with their own unique benefits. They are typically painted in white, and most companies offer stains, paint, or paint and hardware kits. Vinyl wood fences are available in four-foot, six-foot, and eight-foot widths, and they are available in pre-finish products, finished products, and custom-installed products as well.

The price range for this type of fence depends on the number of per linear feet of fence, the size of the unit, and whether the wood fencing typically used in homes is wrought iron or vinyl. Per linear foot pricing includes the amount of fencing material, labor, and time which varies property to property, both residential and commercial. The cost of the wood and types of wood will also alter appearance, end result and budget.

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The cost around a vinyl fence is usually one of the most difficult aspects to research. The weight of the unit and the amount of paint and other accessories that need to be used will influence the overall cost of the fence. Some of the larger wood fence manufacturers will allow a variance of up to twenty percent in cost around a vinyl fence, depending upon the material used, the design of the unit, and whether the fence uses picket or rail styles. The cost of these fences is higher than many manufactured from vinyl, but they are designed to be long-lasting and to withstand the elements.

Some vinyl fences look like wood, even when painted, or a form of composite fencing material. This type of fence is usually constructed out of high density plastic and will contain at least five percent wood in its construction. The fence will be made to resemble the look of a standard wood fence, with knots, slats, and studs. These features help the vinyl fence mimic the look of wood at the same time that it is more resistant to the elements. In addition, because vinyl fences are less expensive than wood, they are also generally less expensive than other types of fence.

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Wood Fences are an excellent choice when you want a fence that will enhance the beauty of your landscaping and give you the privacy you need without having to worry about the visibility of neighbors’ lawns and houses. These fences come in a variety of styles to match your home, and they can be built on a small or large scale. The fence can also be designed to have more privacy or visibility, or both. If you are looking for an easy to maintain fence that adds curb appeal to your landscaping, you may want to consider a wood fence.