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Monmouth County Picket Vinyl Fencing

When considering the many different types of fences for your yard, you may find yourself wondering about Picket Vinyl Fence Systems. If so, you are certainly not alone. In fact, Vinyl Fencing / Privacy Fencing is becoming more popular for its function, affordability and durability. There are several good reasons to invest in this type of fencing, but before delving into those benefits, let’s discuss the basics of this very popular product. Because vinyl is an introduction to the fencing market in the mid-1980s, it’s become an extremely popular choice in a multitude of applications and has established itself as an excellent choice over traditional fencing materials (such as wood, iron, and chain link). It’s visually appealing, performs well, and requires little upkeep. But why should you buy from a fencing company?

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First, let’s discuss the benefits of using a fence company to install your Picket Vinyl fence, which are primarily aesthetic benefits due to its attractive, modern look. For example, with today’s technology, vinyl is available in an ever-increasing number of colors, allowing your property to look good at all times. You can choose from several different designs, including standard pickets, diamond plate, or post / post-mounted pickets.

In addition, because the fence company will install the fence rails and horizontal rails, you don’t have to worry about those tricky and time-consuming tasks; it’s completely done for you. In fact, you can walk right into your new fence, set up the rails, and then attach it to the Picket Vinyl fencing panels in minutes. And, because Picket vinyl is available in pre-fabricated designs, you won’t have to worry about cutting, measuring, or painting anything when you get it home. This means that your fence will be installed completely clean, without a hassle!

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Another benefit to installing a Picket vinyl fence is privacy. Modern vinyl panels are designed to minimize any visible seam between the panels, which means your guests will never be able to tell the gaps between your fence and your home. With traditional wood fencing, the visible seam creates an open area between your home and the fence; this open space makes it easy for a would-be intruder to hide behind. With a Picket fence, that invisible seam is completely sealed against the natural environment, so no one will be able to peek into your backyard, patio, or gateways.

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Even though a Picket fence can provide many benefits, there are a few minor disadvantages you should consider before deciding on this type of fence. First, vinyl fencing tends to fade over time, especially if left unprotected in direct sunlight. However, if you choose your vinyl fence carefully, you may be able to prolong its life even with this problem. Second, if you choose to install your vinyl fence panels on your own, you might need some DIY expertise. In addition, some of the kits that include vinyl fencing have not been adequately tested for installation in high wind conditions, so you should consider this before purchasing your kit.

Picket vinyl fence manufacturers offer several styles of pre-fabricated Picket gates. You can choose from standard fence panels, pickets, and decorative panels. Picket vinyl fence manufacturers also offer a variety of styles of rails. These include classic post style rails, modern double post style rails, and traditional chain drive rails. Many kits include rails in one color – however, if you want to customize your order, you can request additional colors or patterns.

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When choosing a company to install your new Picket fence, it’s a good idea to do a little research. Make sure the company is licensed, bonded and insured – and make sure they use high quality vinyl and hardware. If you decide to get both the rails and the fencing panels installed by the same company, you can ensure quality control every step of the way. And finally, make sure you’re clear on the warranty – some companies offer limited lifetime warranties on their products.