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When it comes to landscaping, planting is one of the most important components. It’s true that you’re going to need plants for your yard, but which ones are going to work best for your yard and style? The first step in deciding is knowing what you want the plantings to look like, and accentuate different areas of your property. Here are some ideas that have worked well for other people:

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If you want taller, hardier shrubs around your house, then think about tall ficus or azaleas. They have wide leaves that can be trained into various shapes depending on your needs. Ficus tend to be very hardy and very attractive. They come in a variety of colors and can grow as high as four feet tall. Some azaleas are only three feet tall, but they are also very attractive and have large green leaves.

Shrubs and Bushes are another of the many foundation planting ideas. Tall shrubs and bushes are great if you don’t have a lot of room to plant them because they can grow quickly and spread out. Keep in mind that all shrubs and bushes should be watered often during dry periods.

Another idea for foundation plantings are the use of succession planting. With this method, you take several different kinds of annuals and perennials, and group them together based on their growth habit and their time of year. By doing so, you can create crops that mature at the same time, and you can have a continuous supply year round.

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Full sun-light exposure is best, but even with partial shade, your plantings and garden can flourish. Shrubs should be potted in a shallow nutrient rich soil with a light layer of compost on the bottom. Be sure to mulch them properly, and you’ll have a hardy and beautiful shrub in no time.

Perennials like clematis, crabgrass, and sedum can do well on a shaded area, and they make for beautiful additions to your landscape. Clematis grows to about two feet tall, and it prefers a full sun location. For a nice, upbeat look, try colorful flowers. They exist in a variety of colors and styles. A little effort will result in a hardy perennial that provides color and value throughout the year.

Late summer is prime planting time for English lupine, a hardy and beautiful shrub. This shrub starts out looking like an ordinary grass at the base, but it quickly develops its dark green bark. It blooms in the late summer to early autumn and then produces beautiful white flowers in the late winter. Other ornamental varieties include hydrangeas and rhododendrons. All these plants are quite hardy and easy to grow in any location.

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One hardy plant to try in your garden is the Chinese prickly ash. This beautiful plant comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange and red. It grows up to four feet tall and produces pinkish purple flowers in the late summer.

Another interesting plant to consider is the African Violets. These beautiful plants have fern-like green leaves and grow up to two feet tall. They are bushy, and come in several different colors. In the late summer, they produce the showiest flowers. It is important not to plant these plants near other flowering plants, as their blooms may dwarf their neighbors.

The last of the hardy plants to consider is the Dogwood. This beautiful shrub is hardy and grows up to four feet tall. It produces pinkish purple flowers in the late summer. If the area you live in does not have a lot of full sun, it is still quite a suitable plant to grow, as it will grow happily even in poor lighting conditions.

Many shrubs do extremely well in shady areas and can easily survive even in the worst light conditions. With their hardiness, they are very useful plants to have around and can make an attractive focal point in any backyard.