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Ocean County Picket Vinyl Fencing

There are many advantages and benefits to adding a PVC picket fence to your property. The main reason most homeowners decide to install this type of fencing is due to its low installation cost. When compared with wood, vinyl, or aluminum fences, the cost of building a PVC fence can be significantly cheaper. Other reasons include being easy to maintain and re-staining it anytime you want without having to replace it entirely.

Picket Fencing allows for decorations and a friendly relationship with your neighbors, versus a closed off feel. In addition, since this type of fencing doesn’t require mush assembly time, maintenance is much easier than that of other materials like wood or metal.

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The fences made out of PVC would surely offer you a perfect combination of beauty and strength. It is one of the best options to pick if you want a structure that will look good yet, serve its purpose well. Nowadays, many people are upgrading their property with this kind of fence for it can offer them more than expected.

What’s good about PVC Picket Fences?

They’re durable – PVC fences can last longer compared to other kinds as they don’t easily deteriorate with age. This kind of construction is known for its strength over time because they do not rust or corrode easily like other metals such as iron or aluminum.

Decorations and stylish – Because the primary purpose of a picket vinyl fence is not security or pure privacy, it allows home owners to express themselves in design and add an artistic element to the design of their landscape / hardscaping and overall flow of their backyard.

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It is important for people to remember that not all white picket fences are created equal. In the real world, there are two types of white picket fences: those you buy and those you build yourself. So, before you make the investment in your own acre of perfection, here’s what you need to consider:

How Close Do You Want It?

An important aspect of any residential / home vinyl fence is how close it allows its neighbors access to your yard. Privacy fencing is a way to add hard barriers in a soft way, making it more open-feeling yet firm this is where your property is, and it should not be infringed on.

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Within the space between pickets, you may have a variety of options to decorate your fence:

OPTION A: Use rails or planks. If you are using boards for this option, make sure that they are securely fastened at each end and along the top rail. There should not be gaps large enough for pets, children or animals to get caught in.

What is the spacing for picket fence? Usually 2 ½”

OPTION B: Create a section of lattice on either side of the pickets. Cut out any pieces to fit if needed.

OPTION C: Plant decorative vines that grow upwards when they contact sections of your fence.

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