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Pavers create pathways and walkways to separate living areas and spaces. The classic Sandstone pavers are created in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing an easy transition between areas. The brick style has many options for creating walkways, patios and driveways. The brick also creates the look of a cottage garden or backyard patio setting on your landscape design. There are several kinds of bricks to choose from when considering using this material as paths or walkways: concrete bricks, decorative brick patterns and even stamped concrete bricks. Each option provides different looks so you can coordinate with any existing features on your landscape design or complement the landscaping materials already used throughout your yard; such as mulch, plantings ,trees and shrubs. Pavers create pathways and walkways to separate living areas and spaces.

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Pool pavers help prevent slipping, accidents, and provide a great look around your pool.

Pool Paver is the best alternative to tile and concrete. It’s durable, slip resistant, chemical resistant and super easy to install.

Pool paver comes in various colors so you can easily match your pool area with any color scheme or home decor.

When installed properly pool pavers are permanent and very low maintenance.

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Have you ever noticed the different types of pavers that landscapers use for hardscaping? In my experience there are two main types of pavers used by local landscapers: interlocking concrete pavers and natural stone. Concrete is cheaper so it’s more popular, but some people prefer stone because it’s so versatile.

Plain concrete paver

Let’s talk about plain concrete first. Concrete pavers are made out of cement, sand and stone. You can find a variety in colors ranging from light gray to dark reds, yellows, to even blues. These interlock with each other using “teeth” on their edges so they stay together securely.

Natural Stone pavers

Let’s talk about natural stone pavers. Stone is a natural product, so each one in the bunch looks different from the rest. There are several kinds of stone used for paving: limestone, sandstone, flagstone or even granite. Natural stone is heavier than concrete pavers. It can be cut into smaller pieces using diamond saws or grinders; also the edges can be trimmed and rounded to fit together nicely with other pieces.

Some companies use both types of paver interfacing them to achieve unique colors and textures that add character to your landscaping design. Talk to professional Landscape Contractors about what options you have for your project…

Concrete pavers come in many colors These interlock using “teeth” on their edges Sandstone has been used for thousands of years.

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Pavers create walkways to safely travel through a property without ruining the grass or stepping in mud. There are many reasons for installing a paver walkway at your property. They add beauty to the landscape, they can have function (such as heating and cooling), and they provide a place to have outdoor activities. Pavers can also be used in areas that grass cannot grow or is not desirable, such as next to driveways or near swimming pools. The cost of pavers depends on the material that you use and their design. Some pavers need professional installation while others can be put in by do-it-yourselfers .

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Loose stones, large and small create hardscaping designs to help transform your landscape.

Stone is one of your most versatile material options. Whether you want to use it for an all-out hardscape or just as accents, stones come in a huge variety of colors and sizes. You can choose from dozens of shapes, too. But not all stone is created equal – when you’re using it for functional purposes as opposed to purely aesthetic ones, stones that withstand moisture are what you ideally want to be looking for. So let’s take a look at some common types:

Natural Stone : Natural stone generally refers to any type of rock found in nature – lava rocks (which are actually volcanic), marble, granite and slate are the main varieties usually used in residential landscaping. While these materials have great durability, they require more nuancces and effort to ensure the right size and type of stone is selected.

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Reasons to Implement Hardscaping on your property.

Have you ever wondered why more and more homeowners choose to implement hardscaping in their outdoor living area? Hardscape can encompass many different aspects of your property such as fireplaces, retaining walls, pool decks, the structure itself of the home, and much more. The term “hardscape” is basically used to describe any surface that is man-made, unembellished by nature, or remains static over time. In other words, when a property owner chooses not to incorporate lawn care into their yard maintenance plan it can be considered hardscape material. So what does this mean for you? Well say goodbye to mowing your grass and hello to increased curb appeal.