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Ocean County Firepit & Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are an excellent way to not only roast marshmallows with the family at night, but also a gathering place for food, stories and belly laughs with friends and family.

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By placing a grill over the fire, you can prepare dinner for your family and friends while enjoying the warmth of the fire. To prevent burning materials from flying into your face or onto clothes, place a screen around the stove to create an outdoor kitchen with plenty of space as shown in the photo. In addition to creating warm atmosphere, outdoor stoves also help reduce indoor air pollution by limiting use of other fuel sources.

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Outdoor fire pits are an extension of the house. A fire pit can add visual interest and warmth to your yard while making you feel closer to nature. Sitting around the fire is where I spent most of my time—talking about life or doing homework while playing cards. But it wasn’t until recently that we finally installed one at our home. It’s really added to the overall look and feeling of our property.

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Outdoor Fire Pits are usable all year round in New Jersey.

A stylish solution to outdoor heating needs is to have an Outdoor Fire Pit built into your patio or garden. Many homeowners opt for this because it can provide more heat than any other type of air-fueled heater. This is due to the way that natural gas burns cleanly and efficiently.

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