Three Things for a Great Outdoor Living Space: Landscaping, a Patio, and Fencing


Instead of settling for a normal lawn, what about turning your yard into an extension of your home and creating a great outdoor living space? In our experience, you need three things to transform an average yard into a beautiful outdoor room: landscaping, a patio, and fencing.

Landscaping not only adds color and texture to your yard, but can also help provide separation to your yard. In fact, great landscape design can create the feeling of rooms in your yard, and can establish different areas for relaxing and playing. Sabba’s landscape designers can work with your space and your needs to create the spaces you want in your home. They are Wall, New Jersey area experts, and know how to pick the perfect plants for local growing conditions.

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You may have been using your lawn as a place for lawn furniture, and realize that there are some pitfalls. Inclement weather can make your yard too mushy to use your lawn furniture without causing damage. In addition, walking on grass can be treacherous in certain shoes. Heavier guests may also cause furniture to sink into the ground, even if the ground is dry. That is why a patio is a great addition to any outdoor living space. Sabba’s landscaping can help you with your patio paver needs. We sell brick pavers and concrete pavers. We offer patio design services, for both do-it-yourself customers and for customers seeking our patio installation services. Patios are a great way to really transform your yard from a lawn to an outdoor living space.

Fencing – Create a Great Outdoor Living Space

One of the regional quirks of New Jersey lawns is that we do not have the same kind of privacy fencing you might find in other places in the United States. However, the right fencing can really help create a great outdoor living space. Whether you are looking for a full fence line of pet-safe privacy fencing, or just to fence a small are of your yard, we can meet your fencing needs. We sell fencing materials for DIY customers and fence installation services for customers who want professional fence installation.

Why settle for a lawn when you can have a whole outdoor living space? Let Sabba’s Landscaping show you how to transform your yard into an extension of your home.


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