Sabba’s Landscaping Landscape Design Ocean County, New Jersey

What makes a landscape beautiful? Sabba’s Landscaping, a premiere landscape design company in Ocean County, New Jersey often gets this question from clients and prospective clients. That is because, even though people realize that what is appealing about a yard or landscape if often personal preference, certain design principles can not only make for a more visually pleasing yard, but also one with lower maintenance requirements.

Some of our tips for creating a beautiful landscape:

  1. Think about texture; plants with unusual textures add depth and contrast to your landscape;
  2. Mix plant types; fruits, vegetables, and herbs can all have a place in an ornamental garden;
  3. Add a tropical punch to your landscape with container gardens;
  4. Use native foliage to make garden care easier;
  5. Use perennials and bulbs to get early-spring color that returns every year;
  6. Incorporate rock walls, stones, and other borders into your landscape to make a more natural look and to designate different areas;
  7. Choose your grass according to your lifestyle;
  8. Plant for today and for tomorrow by leaving space for large shrubs and trees to grow over the years;
  9. Choose colors that go together, but also provide contrast to their surroundings;
  10. Use landscape objects to create height in new gardens;
  11. Consider vines for fast-growing color and greenery;
  12. Plant for the animals around you- be aware of the animals your garden will attract and plant accordingly;
  13. Vary foliage color to add drama and impact to your garden; and
  14. Use groundcovers in shady areas where it is difficult to grow grass.

Sabba’s Landscaping is happy to share these tips for a beautiful lawn, garden, and landscape and is happy to share years of expertise if you need help with planning your yard.