How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

Are you thinking about new fencing in Toms River NJ or the surrounding areas? It starts with planning and budgeting, and it's good to know what it's going to cost. Here is a way to give you an approximate cost for the job. Estimating According to, these are some of the material costs:
  • Aluminum - $26 per linear foot and figure at least $10 a linear foot for labor.
  • Vinyl - about $17 per linear foot and labor costs $7
  • Wood - around $12 each for labor and materials per linear foot
  • Chain link - $7 a linear foot and about $10 labor per linear foot
Size The average garden in Toms River NJ is about 30 by 20 feet, and you'd need 100 linear feet of fencing. If you use the figures from, the average chain link fence would cost around $1700. A wooden fence is $2400. A vinyl fence would be around the same price as wood and aluminum is $3600. Of course, these are only guidelines, and there are permit costs and other possible expenses. Why Do Prices Vary? As fencing professionals serving the Toms River NJ area, we often receive questions on how much it costs to install a fence. In a perfect world, we could open a special book that shows you exactly what the costs will be and tell you over the phone. However, there are a lot of variables to consider when installing fences. Everyone's property has unique features, and there are many fence height options. Our people can give you an approximate estimate, but it's best if we come out, measure the area, talk to you, and then provide a free estimate for the work. Give us a call today at (732) 840-7667 or click this link to our online contact page to see how easy the process is.