How a Great Yard Can Help Make Your House a Home


Sabba’s Landscaping, serving Holmdel and the surrounding New Jersey areas, has customers come to us for a number of reasons, but it all comes down to people wanting to use their yards to make their houses feel more like homes. Even the prettiest lawn can seem a little impersonal. For that inviting feeling, a yard needs to have a little more. At Sabba’s Landscaping, our landscape designers use three main things to help you create a highly personalized outdoor space: patios, fencing, and, of course, landscaping.

Why do we think patios are an integral part of a great yard? Patios provide a surface for lawn furniture, help prevent damage to a lawn or landscaping in case you have rambunctious pets or children running around the yard, can help mitigate any low spots or places where standing water collects, and can help prevent the tracking of outdoor stuff into your home. We offer everything you need for a perfect patio, from patio design to the pavers you need to create your dream patio. We offer concrete and brick pavers, and even offer patio installation services for those who are not fans of DIY projects.

Fencing is another great tool to use for your yard. The old expression is great fences make great neighbors, and if you have pets or kids, this is especially true. A fence can not only keep your little ones in your yard, but also keep other people’s pets or children out of your yard. You can fence off your entire yard or fence the yard in sections. You can use fencing to create outdoor rooms or even dedicated pet areas. At Sabba’s, we sell fencing materials and even provide fence installation services.

Finally, no yard is complete without landscape design. While we may all want a lush, gorgeous landscape, the landscape that is right for your yard is the one that you will maintain. Our professional landscape design services start with you. We not only find out what type of landscape you want to see, but also what type of landscape you are willing to maintain. Then, we show you how you can use landscaping to add color, texture, and height to your yard. We also take into account whether you have pets or children, and help you select plants that are safe if anyone in your household is likely to nibble on leaves!

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