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Colt’s Neck, New Jersey has a reputation for being one of the most affluent areas in the nation. However, the houses in Colt’s Neck and the surrounding areas have more variety than you might imagine. From large equestrian farms to smaller suburban homes, Colt’s Neck residents may live in a variety of different houses, but all seem to want a gorgeous yard. Fortunately, whether you live on a large farm or in a townhome with a tiny yard, Sabba’s Landscaping can help you make the most of your yard.

Modern Landscape Design Ideas

A great yard starts with great landscape design, but landscape design is about more than plants. A great landscape design also takes into account patio design and any fencing and incorporates these additions to your yard into the landscape design. Fence lines and patio borders create natural places for flower beds, potted plants, and trailing or climbing vines. That is why our landscape design specialists do not just focus on flowers; they will create a vision for an entire outdoor living space.

What makes a great patio? That really depends on your home. We offer concrete pavers and brick pavers, so you are sure to find a paver that flows with your homes exterior. Our patio design experts can help you create a patio that meets your needs, from a simple design to a patio that surrounds pools, fire pits, or other outdoor additions. Though we offer patio installation services, we are also happy to work with DIY customers.

Fences – Great Addition To A Wonderful Landscape

Fences can be another great addition to a wonderful landscape. Fences can keep your pets and children in the yard, but they can also be used to separate different parts of your property. Wildlife is relatively abundant in Colt’s Neck. With the right fences, you can create wildlife friendly areas where you might watch deer eat some plants you are willing to sacrifice, but also have isolated areas where you can plant a garden for your own enjoyment. We offer fencing materials and fence installation services.

Whatever your lifestyle needs, Sabba’s Landscaping can help you create an outdoor space that matches your lifestyle.


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