Annual Maintenance Tips for Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are some of the most attractive additions to an outdoor or partially outdoor space like a covered patio or pool area. Because of the color variations in different types of brick, homeowners find that brick pavers can be more customizable than other materials. As with any material that is routinely exposed to the elements, brick pavers can become dirty or start to look worn over time. It is always a good idea to perform regular maintenance on your brick pavers. Maintaining brick pavers is easy. There are preventative things you can do, as well as remedial activities you can perform annually, such as hiring a power washer. To prevent problems and to keep your brick pavers clean throughout the year, consider using a polymeric filling that you can insert between the brick pavers. Doing this prevents weeds from growing in the spaces between brick pavers. As weeds and the growth of plant life can do tremendous damage to the bricks and cause them to move or shift, this simple step can go a long way toward saving you money in the future. Annual maintenance of your brick pavers can also include the use of a commercial sealant, which not only hardens the sand you use but also protects the bricks from further wear caused by exposure to rain and water. Another simple thing you can do for regularly maintaining brick pavers is to sweep and clean them as much as possible. Once a year or so you can hire a power washer to take care of the stains that inevitably build up on the surface of the brick pavers. After washing the brick pavers, you can also apply a special brick paver sealer you can easily purchase from a specialty store or through a service provider like Sabba. However, check with the manufacturer or your landscape designer to make sure that the sealer is the correct type for your brick pavers.